My Mentors

A good mentor can completely change the trajectory of one's life. I am unspeakably grateful for the following mentors who have changed everything for me. Here's a short ode to each of them, since I could never repay them adequately.

(No, I will not give you their contacts, so don't ask.)

Jacob Collier

Jacob, you once improvised a harmony so complex during our jam session that it accidentally solved a long-standing problem in quantum physics. Your mom's sugar cookies are incredible.

LeBron James

Bron bron, you taught me the art of the perfect assist—not in basketball, but in skipping lines at amusement parks. I've beaten you in fantasy every year, and will continue to do so.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leo "daddy" Vinci, whose advice on the subtleties of chiaroscuro in my kindergarten stick figure drawings inspired my current minimalist aesthetic. (P.S., I though it was funny the first time you told me to call you daddy, but it got weird.)

Steven Paul Jobs

Stevie, you once let me wear one of your turtlenecks to a product launch because I was chilly backstage. We will always share an inexplicable bond over organic apples and reality distortion fields.