A Profile Picture

I'm Luke, nice to meet you.

To reach me, find me on linkedin or email. Infrequently, I inhabit x, insta, and spotify.


I'm currently a Senior Deep Learning Engineer, bringing SOTA deep neural networks to new hardware architectures at Untether.ai.

I am an autodidact, driven by the desire to bring the incredible power of ML/AI to the physical world in tangible applications (i.e., applications which exist outside of the purely digital domain like robotics and medicine). Singularity fear-mongering is an advertising strategy. I vow that my life's work will only ever complement the beauty of the conscious experience, not replace, reduce, or threaten it.

I will found a company, and I might even record that album someday. Stay tuned.


In undergrad, I discovered a killer combo: tech + (relentless pondering and exploration of consciousness) => passionate study of artificial intelligence.

Before working with Untether, I worked in Texas Instrument's Machine Learning Lab, where we brought the TVM compiler to a novel RISCV + ML Accelerator Processor.

Before that, I spent time working with Ryan and Andrew at Metalware (YC S23), where I learned what it really means to right good code and move fast.