A Profile Picture

I'm Luke, nice to meet you.

To reach me, find me on linkedin, email, or telegram. I infrequently inhabit x and instagram. I've made a few songs on spotify, too.


I'm currently a Senior Deep Learning Engineer bringing deep neural networks to new hardware architectures at Untether.ai.

The aim of my life's work is to highlight the ineffable beauty of the human conscious experience, and never to mime it.

I enjoy thinking about the "big-picture" and day-dreaming about the future.


In undergrad, I made friends, played hacky-sack, and otherwise studied computer engineering.

Before working with Untether, I worked in Texas Instrument's Machine Learning Lab, where we brought the TVM compiler to a novel RISCV + ML Accelerator Processor.

Meanwhile, I spent time working with Ryan and Andrew at Metalware (YC S23), where I learned what it really means to write good code and move fast.